You can buy recorder books and other music books from recorder resource web site. Recorder for beginners and good resource for teachers. Learn to play and teach the recorder.
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    About Us
    Welcome to our web site. Music88 is an independent web site for recorder information. This web site is dedicated to people who would like to learn this musical instrument or are seeking for more information about recorders and related resources.

    We aim to promote the learning of recorder as a versatile musical instrument suitable for everybody, not just children.

    More about Music88
    How did the web site get its name?

    Music88 was formed in January, 2002. A general name that is easy to  remember was  chosen for the site. We picked the word "Music" because it is a word most people can spell and it relates well to what the web site is about. Then we chose the number "88" because the piano keyboard has 88 keys! Also "88" looks like the Chinese character "xi" put together, which means double happiness. Listening to good music brings happiness and to be able to play a musical instrument doubles that joy! TM - also refers to Teaching Materials and Teaching Methods which this web site has put together.

    We believe some of you may have come to this web site by chance, but we hope that as you leave, you have learnt something valuable and may even consider taking up a musical instrument some time in your life. A person who reads music and plays a musical instrument unlocks another dimension of communication. One that transcends the barrier of language, culture, geography and time!

    About The Webmaster

    I am music teacher, graphic designer, browser cum webdeveloper. I've taught in International Schools and lived in Hong Kong for more than 12 years after spending 8 years teaching in Singapore. I play recorders too! I play the sopranino, soprano, alto and tenor. Bass recorder is simply too big for me to handle. I play the piano and also took up violin. Music is an important part of my life.
    Teaching music to children is what I like very much! While a majority of children enjoy learning recorders, some have a definite dislike for it. This had led me to search for better teaching methods and better resources to support my lessons. What I found is that childrens' attitude towards this musical instrument change tremendously when they understand that the instrument they are learning is capable of producing very beautiful music and has got a glorious history. They begin to take their lessons seriously - for they knew that if they learn their soprano and sopranino recorders well, they might be able to take up the altos and tenors in the future.
    My students have inspired me to share this knowledge about recorders with others and I hope that you too will benefit from the contents on this web site.

    If you have any questions regarding this web site, please forward your inquiries to the WEBMASTER

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