You can buy recorder books and other music books from recorder resource web site. Recorder for beginners and good resource for teachers. Learn to play and teach the recorder.
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  • Frequently Asked Questions about Aerophones
    About Aerophones

    1) How are musical instruments classified?
    Scientific Classification
    European Terminology
    aerophones (sound is generated by an air-column) wind / brass
    idiophones (the material itself generates the sound) percussion
    chordophones (sound is generated by a stretched string) strings
    electrophones (sound is generated by electronic means) electronic music
    membranophones (sound is generated by a tightly stretched membrane made of skin or other materials) percussion

    2) What are aerophones?

    This group of instruments consists of a variety of instruments in which the sound is generated by a vibrating air mass. Aerophones are divided into 3 main categories of  Woodwinds, Brass and Polyphonic.

    3) What other sub-categories are there in the Woodwinds group?

    • with mouthpiece (labial) -> with ordinary aperture -> end-blown
    • with mouthpiece (labial) -> with ordinary aperture -> side-blown
    • with mouthpiece (labial) -> with whistle aperture
    • with reed (lingual) -> single-reed
    • with reed (lingual) -> double-reed
    4) Which category does recorder belong to?

        with mouthpiece (labial) -> with ordinary aperture -> end-blown

    5) What some other instruments share the same category as the recorder?

    Regions/Name of Instruments
    Africa Morocco: end-blown flute with 6 holes 
    America Mexico: clay flute
    Dakota: love flute (native American Indian Flute)
    The Far East Japan: shakuhachi
    Middle East Iraq: flute with a mouthpiece
    Turkey: flute with a mouthpiece
    Caucasus region: Tutek
    Europe Norwegian Recorder
    Latvia: Stabule flute
    Tin whistle
    (Look at the pictures of some of the instruments mentioned above)

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