Music88 recorder resource web site. Recorder for beginners and good resource for teachers. Learn to play and teach the recorder.
This page presents different resources available for Recorder Teachers.
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The Recorder Home Page by Nicholas S. Lander: A very comprehensive site; ideal for players, students, teachers and researchers.
Visit, the website developed to support teachers of music in their planning and designing of schemes of work and lessons to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum in England. It is a GREAT website for any Music teachers.
Teach Sopranino Recorder eBook - Download your FREE COPY!

Free Recorder Fingering Software for  downloading
If you like to have a fingering guide right next to you while you practise your recorder, this is a good software to help beginners. 

If you need help for "trills fingering" this interactive guide is greatly helpful.

Free Online music theory Tutorials (Excellent!!)
  • Teach yourself note-reading or test how fast you can name them
  • Can you identify the scales?
  • The original online ear trainer for intervals

Interactive Fingering Charts for all the different types of recorders[Highly Recommended]
This Fingering Chart shows the holes on the recorder to be covered in relation to the notes on the keyboard and the staff. If you move your mouse over the music keyboard on the screen, the fingerings on the recorder changes with the notes you indicate on the keyboard.

Adult Recorder Methods and Studies- An annotated Short List of Recommmended Publications by Antique Sound Workshop

Teaching Resources

There are presently many available instructional books and a few really excellent web sites dedicated to the teaching of Recorders. 

Feel free to visit the recommended links featured onthis web site. They are rich in content and you can learn much from the experts. 

As we feel that there are already adequate online content area being covered by other recorder sites, we'll not be duplicating that but instead gladly point them out to you.

However, there are areas we feel have not been adequately addressed and that's what we'll be dealing with here.

  • The lack of resources for the teaching of Sopranino Recorders - it is very difficult to find instructional materials that schools can make use of.



    After doing some searching, we found that the best source of sopranino recorder books can be found at A search box is included for your searching convenience.

  • Many music supply shops do not carry enough stock of the Sopranino recorders, Alto recorders and definitely the Tenor recorders and Bass recorders

Recorder Method:[Highly Recommended]
Learn to play the Dolmetsch Way Online Method for Descant(Soprano) and Treble(Alto) Recorder.

On their website, you can find:

If you're looking for some great recorder products, do visit the Dolmetsch Online Media Products page for more information.
  • recorders/handmade ones too (all types)
  • one hand recorder (for those who have lost the use of the other hand)
  • books and sheet music
  • recordings and videos
  • others (recorder accessories)

Recorder in the Kodaly Classroom

This site features:

  • Teachers Manual
  • Student Song Book
  • Others

Fingering Charts for Recorders (both Baroque and German models) 
  • plus fingering charts of other woodwind instruments
  • other interesting readings

American Recorder Teachers Association (ARTA)

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