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The Recorder Family
Sopranino recorder, descant recorder, soprano recorder, alto recorder, treble recorder, tenor recorder, bass recorder
This page shows you pictures of the recorder family.
Types of Recorders
5 types of recorders and their approximate measurements are shown on the right :
(starting from the smallest)

sopranino - 24cm
soprano /descant - 31cm
alto / treble - 47cm
tenor - 64cm
bass - 94cm

contra-bass (not shown in the picture)


sopranino recorder, soprano recorder, descant recorder, treble recorder, alto recorder, tenor recorder, bass recorder

All recorders of the same range may not necessary sound alike. The timbre may vary slightly. It all depends on the materials, the construction, the player, and even the temperature of the instrument. 

A cold recorder will sound flat and one too warm will sound slightly sharp in pitch. A good instrument should be at correct pitch when the temperature is around 18 degrees Celcius, corresponding to the same temperature at which it was originally tuned.

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