You can buy recorder books and other music books from recorder resource web site. Recorder for beginners and good resource for teachers. Learn to play and teach the recorder.
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Educational eBooks for Parents (some available in Hard Copies)

A Mind at a Time: America's Top Learning Expert Shows how every child can succeed.

How to raise a Brighter Child?

Learning by heart.

Failure to connect: How computers affect our children's Minds...For better or for Worse.

The Educated Child: A Parent's Guide from Pre-School Through Eighth Grade.

New discussion board for recorder players who enjoy playing contemporary music as opposed to traditional, "classical" pieces.

Blockflö - die Community für Spieler und Freunde der Blockfloete
Welcome to our site and thank you for visiting. We have prepared some links that you might find useful wherever you are in the world. More will be added on as time goes by. It's our way of saying "We appreciate your visit!".

For Frequent Travellers:
  • The Earth Calendar This calendar shows all the Holidays and dates of notes of different regions around the world!

For parents with bright kids 

If you have kids (kindergarten thro' undergraduate) or know of kids who are of high ability, Education Program for Gifted Youth(EPGY) at Stanford University have a variety of courses suitable for them. These are enrichment courses. EPGY courses use a combination of CD ROM and Internet Technologies to provide students with multi-faceted, highly individualized, learning environment. To qualify for EPGY, students must provide evidence of their intellectual ability. Visit their web site for more information if you're interested.

Do you enjoy poetry? If you do, you may like to read some poems by Steven Robert Heine, a leading American Poet.

 Internet tips for Parents
There's a lot of great stuff on the Internet, but your guidance and involvement are essential to help steer children towards the best sites and away from potential trouble. To ensure a safe surfing on the internet, go over the points below with your children.
    • Surf the net together. Take the time to see what your children are doing online and what their interests are.
    • Teach your children never to give out their personal information to people they meet online especially in public places like chat rooms and bulletin boards.
    • Instruct your child never to plan a face-to-face meeting alone with online acquaintances.
    • Tell your child not to respond when they receive offensive or dangerous email, chat, or other communications.
    • Establish clear ground rules for Internet use for your kids. Decide whether or not to use parental control tools or protective software.
    • Place your computer in the family room or another open area of your home. Or use the computer together at a library, school, or community center.
    • Keep lines of communication open between you and your child so that he/she will feel at ease to approach you when in doubt.
Education and proper guidance is the best way to protect our young ones when they go online. Barring them from using the internet totally is not the solution. 
A family-friendly internet!

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